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            Founded in 2005, it mainly produces papered gift boxes, handicraft boxes, cosmetic boxes, cardboard boxes, desk calendars, tag plates, and other paper products.

            The factory has the advanced sea of Germany Fort brand new printing press; fully automatic high speed paste machine 1 sets; full automatic mounting of the box 1 sets, full automatic film machine 1; full automatic UV machine one, and hot stamping, die cutting, cut paper and other matching Set the machine.

            We are always devoted to the innovation and brand application strategy of new packaging technology and high commercial reputation. The products are sold to dozens of countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and the changing market. We will continue to focus on customers and serve customer oriented sales concept.

            Adhering to the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, we continue to try more and more new types of packaging research and development, and lead the development of packaging fashion with various, professional and high quality products, and strive to become an efficient and fast bridge to enter the global market.

            After years of continuous development and innovation, a set of perfect quality assurance system has been formed. Combined with product design, development, production, process and after-sale service. In the process of growth, we continue to absorb the advanced experience from the same industry, introduce advanced production technology, make full use of the latest achievements in the field of modern high-tech, make the products we produce, both quality and technology are the first in the industry.

            Our products are subject to our strict monitoring and testing to maximize the performance of the final products.

            We are the leader in innovative packaging design. We are a professional manufacturer of multilevel packaging. We are a consultant in packaging technology.

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